A Moroccan dress Kaftan is a traditional outfit featuring a long tunic with long sleeves. It is often worn with a belt of various styles and colors. A Moroccan Kaftan can also be described as a hoodless Djellaba. However, unlike a Djellaba, a Kaftan features a more elaborate and intricate design. It is commonly worn during special occasions.

Despite being a traditional attire, the moroccan dress kaftan has gained popularity in modern fashion. Women in Morocco and beyond either have a Kaftan or would like to own one. The Kaftan is no longer a dress for Moroccan women, but a global trend.

How to Accessorize a Moroccan Kaftan Dress ?

The typical Moroccan Kaftan features a wide cut from the bottom. It is typically decorated with embroidery and sometimes gems. However, you can also add accessories to the dress to complete your look. Accessories are also an amazing way of bringing out the elegance of the dress and creating a sophisticated look. However, before accessorizing your Moroccan Kaftan, you should keep the design and style in mind. Below are examples of accessories you can add to your Kaftan:

Adding a Belt

There is more than one way to style a Moroccan Kaftan. The most common way is adding a belt to it. The belt will accentuate your figure and transform the dress into elegant attire. A wider belt will cinch in the Kaftan and show off your body. The trick is to match the belt to your Kaftan. You can also get an embroidered or decorated belt to create an elegant look.


You can also accessorize a Moroccan Kaftan with a mix of traditional jewelry. Contemporary jewelry can also do the trick. You can accessorize your Moroccan Kaftan with earrings, neckpieces, and bracelets. With a Moroccan Kaftan, more is better when it comes to jewelry. However, if your Kafran already has embellishments, it would be wise not to overdo it with heavy jewelry.

Clutch Bag and High Heels

This traditional Moroccan dress is also usually accessorized with a clutch bag. Something simple that does not take attention away from the dress. You can also wear a dress with high heels. The higher the heel, the better, as the dresses are usually quite long. Moroccan Kaftan dresses come in various colors, from pastel, dark, or flashy colors. Furthermore, some designs contain a mix of up to three colors, meaning that you can choose bags and shoes that complement the dress’s color.

How Long Should A Moroccan Kaftan Dress Be ?

Traditionally, Moroccan women wore long-length Kaftans. However, nowadays, you can play around with different lengths depending on the occasion. A medium-length Kaftan is ideal for a casual event or outing. On the other hand, a long-length or floor-length Kaftan is perfect for formal occasions.

Where Can You Get A Kaftan ?

The best place to purchase a Kaftan is Morocco, especially if you are looking for an artisanal and authentic traditional piece. However, since the dresses have gained international popularity, you can find incredible Kaftan designs from global designers and artisans. The internet has also made purchasing products easy, meaning authentic Kaftans from reputable online stores.

A Moroccan Kaftan is an elegant dress you can wear to formal and casual events. They are an incredible piece of Moroccan heritage and one of the unique dress designs in the market. Its embroideries, colors, and designs make it unique and attractive.