Going to a party where the dress code is informal can be a little confusing, and you might know what to wear for such an event. Although it is rather straightforward, it can be a little complicated. Should you wear a hoodie or not a sneaker? 

below to find out how you should dress for an informal occasion where you can dress up casually but still look smart and dressed up.

Casual Dress

Doesn’t matter if you’re going out with your friends or for a meeting during the day, a casual outfit consists of T-shirts and cardigans. This gives you a sleek and stylish look while staying casual. Just mix and match a pair of jeans with a nice t-shirt and a high ponytail to complete your look! Additionally, this will be a great day meeting look or if you’re going for lunch with your friends.


If you have to out during the day during winters, then try going for a hoodie. It gives you a stylish yet the look required for your day event. Just pair it up with leather pants, and your outfit for the day is ready! If you are not looking forward to getting out of your hoodie, this is the best way to stay casual while staying chic and stylish!


Well, who doesn’t love jeans? We all do, right? For your casual look, jeans should be your go-to outfit. Wearing it with a hoodie or a jacket is the best way to style your jeans for your daily outfit! Whether you’re going out during the day or night, this should be your go-to look! 


Fashion styles and trends keep changing but playing with certain styles is always a good idea! Keep some of these tips handy to achieve your day look!