Cashmere: All you need to know about the origin of this fabric and its price

Everyone wears a form of clothing or the other. However, how much of your clothing do you know about? For instance, are you aware of where the fabric used in making your cloth was obtained from?

Fabrics used for clothing are gotten from two major sources—Plants and Animals. Here, we will be discussing a peculiar kind of clothing and what makes it expensive.

Let’s talk about Cashmere wears!

What Is Cashmere, and where is it obtained?

If you need to get this kind of fabric, you should do so on sites like as the fabric must be obtained from a credible source. The reason is that the cashmere wool is obtained from two scanty sources—Pashmina goats and cashmere goats.

These special kinds of goats have soft wool, feel good when touched, and provide insulation. However, the animals are unable to provide as much wool as the sheep and other animals that produce wool for the textile industry.

Can you guess how much cashmere wool is required to make a typical adult’s Pajamas? Surprisingly, this is about the entire wool gotten from 2 full-grown goats for a whole year. So much for getting fabric from goats, isn’t it?

Well, the truth is that the quality of the wool obtained from these animals is hard to beat. For instance, it is not as itchy as many other alternatives. This, among other reasons is why a good number of fashion enthusiasts are all out to get sweaters, scarves, blankets, pajamas … that are made with cashmere wool.

The cashmere wool is usually obtained from places like India, Turkey, China, Iran, the USA, Pakistan, Mongolia, and several other places. One of the major reasons why these places are associated with cashmere wool is because the Pashmina and Cashmere goats are usually raised there.

Why Is Cashmere Expensive?

Below are some reasons why cashmere clothing is a lot more expensive than many other fabrics:

Demand Beyond Supply

The Pashmina and Cashmere goats are not animals that produce so much wool. This is even though the wool they produce is special in many ways. Coupled with the fact that many people love to have this clothing in their fashion collection, the prices of clothes made of cashmere wool are pretty much on the high side for many people.

Regulated Activities

In getting the cashmere wool from the goat, the animal is not killed. However, this does not exclude the activities of cashmere wool farmers from the tongue-lash of animal protection activists. This is because the removal of the wool makes the animals unable to properly deal with extreme weather conditions. Some animals even die as a result.

As a result, there are certain parts of the world with strict regulatory measures affecting the supply of this wool. So, this in turn affects the pricing in the open market.

Cashmere is a special kind of wool fabric obtained from Pashmina and Cashmere goats. These animals are well-bred in a few parts of the world with strict regulations and low turnout of wool from the animals. These are the major reason for the expensive cost of getting fabrics made out of cashmere wool as noted in this article.